Giới thiệu chúng tôi

  1. General information:

Full name: Khatoco Tobacco Leaf Comapany- Branch of Khanh Viet Corporation.

Business name: Khatoco Tobacco Leaf Comapany.

Abbreviate name: TLCo.

Add:  Dac Loc Medium – small industrial zone, Dac Loc Village, Vinh Phuong commune, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province.

Tel: (84.258) 3727 915                   Fax: (84.258) 3727 914


  1. Function:

Prodecessor of Khatoco Tobacco Leaf Company was Tobacco Leaf office of Khanh Hoa Khatoco Cigarette Factory. In order to improve Tobacco leaf zone, Khanh Viet Corporation had established Khatoco Tobacco Leaf Company (Decision No 15/QĐ HĐQT-TCT dated 28/4/2005 signed by Chairman of Board of directors Khanh Viet Corporation) as a dependent accounting manufacturing- business unit which is control directly from Khanh Viet Corporation.

Director: Tran Minh Quang.

Deputy directors:

–          Hoang Dinh Doanh

 –         Tran Cong Duc

Chief accountant:

–          Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy

Labor unino chairman:

–          Tran Cong Duc

Youth union secretary:

–          Luong Thi Minh Hien

Total employees: 177 employees. 01 master degree, 41 bachelors and engineers; 16 colleges, 38 middle ranking, the others have job certificates and common job certificates.

Area operation: All over country.

  1. Manufacturing and business scale:

Manufacturing capability: Planting investment and purchasing thousands tons of dried tobacco leaves.

Automatic tobacco leaf threshing and drying line, capacity 18.000 tons products/year transferred from Khanh Viet Corporation.

Improving orientation:

–          Privitization when company has enough conditions.

–          Establishing areas specialising in growing tobacco leaf to supply for tobacco leaf threshing line.

Manufacturing scale:

–          Virginia: 2.000 tons/year

–          Burley: 200 tons/year

–          Brown tobacco: 200 tons/year